Welcome to Bro Lite Racing!

The idea behind the Bro Lite series came from short course truck racing’s success on the West Coast with the Mini Stock class in the LOORRS racing series.  We limited down the truck selection in an attempt to create a true drivers series.  We want to create a super low budget way to race side by side on a short course race truck.

The Trucks: We limited our truck selection to 83-97 Ford Rangers, 2wd, 5-speed, with the 2.3L 4 cylinder motor.  We have had good success for finding these trucks in the $400-900 range, running and driving.

The Modifications: The modifications and upgrades to the truck are limited to keep build time and costs low. The basics are a roll cage, racing seat, seat belts, fuel cell, and quality shocks.

The Race: 2014 will host the first race on September 6th and 7th in Maysville, West Virginia.  This will be the only race in 2014, but if results are positive, there will be a full series in 2015.

Official Rules: <– Click for the Official Rules, read before you buy or build your truck

Build Guides: <— Click for tips and how to’s for building your truck

Pictures: <— Click for pictures…

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  1. Interesting. There may be a track being built in NC that could be custom tailored to fit this class of trucks. Could even hold 3 to 4 events a year to make a series…. Take me to your leader..we need to talk.lol Dylan Wiles

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