Here are the official rules for the Bro Lite Race trucks and series.  Please contact us if you have any questions or are uncertain if your actions meet the rules.  We are running a gentlemans race, so the idea is to maintain even trucks and not take advantage of any unclear rules to give your own truck an advantage.

The Bro-Lite class is a short course off road racing class designed with two goals in mind: to find the best driver and to be affordable to a wide range of drivers. The platform was chosen based on an affordable, easy to find, and capable truck. The object is not to outsmart the rules or other drivers, but to win based on driver skill. Cheating is in no way in the spirit of the class and will NOT be tolerated. We hope to eliminate the “save the truck” mentality for drivers by giving any driver a chance to win every race. Hopefully these factors will all result in a spectator friendly, affordable, exciting, and competitive racing series.

1) General Specs:
-Ford ranger (1983-1997)
-twin I-beam front suspension stock
-4 cyl.
-Manual trans
-any combination of body/bed style allowed (regular and extended cab, short and long bed)

2) Safety:
-All trucks must have a roll cage tied into the frame at the base of the A, B, and C pillars
-All trucks must have an X in the B pillar(may be outside of cab)
-A,B, and C pillars must be constructed of at least 1.5″x.120″ DOM or Chromoly tubing(no HREW, pipe, or conduit allowed)
-Anywhere that there is a bend over 15* in the A,B, and C pillars must have a gusset(4 corners of the windshield, top of b pillar behind cab, etc.)
-Cages must have 3 horizontal drivers side door bars
-Tubing with a smaller diameter or thinner than .120″ may be used for areas not mentioned above.
-Racing seats with 5-Point harness capability are required and must be authorized by a
race official (plastic bucket seats will not be allowed)
-5 point harnesses must be used. Harnesses must be in good working condition and be mounted properly.
-Must have a drivers side window net
-Windshield screen is allowed
-Fuel cell must be used. Fuel cell must have a fuel-bladder incased in steel or aluminum at least
16ga. Thick. Fuel cell vent must be routed in such a manner as to keep the fuel from escaping in event of a roll-over. Fuel cell must be mounted with 1 inch wide X 1/8 inch thick flat stock or better. Must have two straps going up and down and one side to side. Must be
fastened with a minimum 3/8” Grade 8 fasteners.
-Driveshaft must be painted white
-Driver door must be welded or bolted shut
-All fenders, hoods, doors, bedsides must be securely fastened with bolts with no sharp points in their mounting system.
-Dzus fasteners are NOT allowed for mounting body panels
-Bumpers must be of substantial material and may not be wider than the body panels. There can be no sharp edges or protruding points on the bumper.
-A master electrical shut off switch must be used and located in driver’s dash area in reach of
driver and accessible to corner/safety workers. Switch must turn vehicle off to pass tech inspection.
-A minimum of 2 fire extinguishers. A “Clean Agent” is an electrically non-conducting, liquid or gaseous fire extinguishing agent that DOES NOT leave a harmful residue(recommended).

3) Frame and Body
-Must use stock frame
-Frame must remain intact front to rear, unnecessary bracketry may be removed. Necessary brackets include: all stock cross members, all suspension, drive train, and body mounts. Rear cross member may be removed for fuel cell mounting but must be replaced with a cross member of equal or greater strength.
-Wheelbase may be shortened or lengthened to a length found in a stock configuration. e.g. if you have an extended cab long bed truck you may shorten it to the wheelbase of an extended cab short bed, regular cab long bed, or regular cab short bed truck. Any changes to wheelbase must be performed by moving the rear axle only. Front axle must stay in factory location. Stock hangers and shackles must be reused if the wheelbase is changed. Cross members may be changed for clearance if the wheelbase is changed, but the frame rails must remain stock. Any cross member that is removed or modified due to wheelbase change must be replaced or reinforced to stock strength or better.
-All glass must be removed
-All airbags must be removed.
-All stainless, plastic, glass, and die cast trim parts, lights, and moldings removed from inside and outside of the truck including tailgate
-Plastic grille may be used securely fastened to truck
-Dash may be removed
-The body must keep its stock appearance; the body must stay in its stock location on frame.
-Stock RUBBER body mounts may be replaced with any material.
-Truck bedsides may be cut off and the rest of the bed discarded.
-Front inner fenders and core support may be removed
-Radiator must be in stock location.
-Hood must be in stock location, no lowering the front for visibility
-Up to 2″ of fender well opening may be removed and fenders may be flared out an additional 2″ for tire clearance
-Fiberglass fenders and bedsides are allowed

4. Suspension
-Front suspension must retain stock i beams from any year ranger mounted in stock fashion with stock bushings
-Radius arms must be stock with stock style rubber bushings
-Front lower shock mounts must remain in stock location, shock length is open but they may not protrude through the hood
-Front springs may be stock or aftermarket as long as they mount in the stock location
-Shocks are limited to one per corner, up to 2.625″ with remote reservoir, no bypasses
-Steering linkage must remain stock and in the stock locations. May be gusseted or reinforced as necessary
-Steering quickeners are allowed
-All suspension components may be gusseted and reinforced as necessary
-Rear leaf spring hangers, shackle hangers, and shackles may be replaced with fabricated components but must retain stock dimensions. Stock hangers and shackles may be gusseted/reinforced as needed
-Shackle flips are allowed
-Rear leaf springs must retain stock main leaf, other leaves may be added and removed as required.
-Rear lower shock mount may be relocated to the top of the U bolt plate.
-U bolt plate may be replaced with a flat steel aftermarket plate
-Rear shock travel is unlimited
-Rubber or polyurethane bump stops allowed
-No secondary suspensions can be used
-Limit straps allowed

5. Engines
-Must remain stock 2.3 or 2.0
-May swap engines from different years
-tubular style stock exhaust manifold may be used on trucks that did not come with it.
-All external engine accessories must remain stock (computer, carb, ignition, etc.)
-AC may be removed.
-Emissions equipment may be removed
-Stock air box may be removed and replaced with a K&N style filter
-Engine must remain in stock location but engine mounts may be replaced with aftermarket style mounts.
-Factory OEM block and head(s) must be used and may not be modified.
-All engine internal parts must remain stock or OEM replacement.
-Exhaust system is open.
-No “power adders” are allowed; Nitrous Oxide, turbo, superchargers etc.

6. Drive train
-Transmission must be stock, may not be internally modified for weight reduction or shifting easier.
-Transmission mount may be reinforced or replaced with aftermarket style mounts.
-Differentials are open, carriers may be welded.
-Ring and pinion ratios are open.
-Rear axle housing may be gusseted or trussed, unused brackets may be removed.
-Brakes must remain stock

7. Weight
-To be determined(no minimum weight requirements)

8. Tires and Wheels
-Any size tire is allowed
-Any size wheel is allowed
-Wheels may be aluminum or steel
-Beadlocks are not allowed
-Tires and wheels must be in good shape
-Hub caps and wheel covers must be removed
-Inner tire liners may not be used

9. Claim Rule
-To be discussed (To be added at a later date, if unfair advantage become apparent)

One thought on “Rules”

  1. So I have an 8.8 out of my used up ecors car..can I swap it onto my bro lite truck? came from a 95 exploder. but now sports 4;88 gears. Lok rite, but can remove the locker if I need to.

    Is this legal? Sure would save me a buck or two.

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